First Blog! + Orientation day at Research In Motion, Waterloo

First of all, this happens to my first ever blog post so bear with me. 

Today was a pretty important day as I started another internship, this time at RIM in Waterloo, Ontario. What made it better was that it was a half day as it was just orientation! I had heard from a few friends that it can get pretty tiring watching all the presentations and it might even go on all the way till 5pm but fortunately that never happened in my case. I was done with the orientation by noon and had the rest of the day to chill. As for the actual experience, I loved the orientation as the various activities gave us all a chance to meet a LOT of new people (other interns), which was really nice. 

Now that I have some free time on hand, I decided to finally enter the world of blogging. Should be fun looking at this post a few years on to see how good (or how bad!) I have become since! 

That is it for now. Oh and a very happy new year 2013!